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…a safe place to heal and grow

In times of difficulty and confusion counselling can offer us a safe and confidential space…

within which we can explore our thoughts and feelings without fear of being judged, criticised, blamed or told what to
in which we feel listened to, accepted and understood, no matter what we are struggling with
to think more clearly and enable us to find our own answers to the difficulties we face

Individual counselling

Offering an integrative approach to counselling – mindful, cognitive, person centred.

Counselling supervision

Professional supervision to practicing counsellors and individuals working in the caring professions.
I find my supervision thought provoking, inspiring, supportive and challenging – everything that I hoped it would be.

— N (anon)

As a student counsellor my confidence has grown with Tim as my supervisor.

F (anon)

Tim Marks BA MA is an accredited counsellor and member of NCS (National Counselling Society).